Displaying Recently Viewed Products: A Path to Conversions

Far more powerful than the backspace key, having a display on your site which showcases recently viewed products is a great way to remind customers of what they were just looking at and tempt them to purchase it one more time.  Recently viewed product lists are proven to increase conversions overall. Even better are lists […]

The Importance of Displaying Related Products

Cross-selling (selling a similar or complementary product to a customer in addition to the product they set out to purchase) is one of the best arrows any ecommerce store can have in its quiver. This is why displaying related products on product pages is so essential.  When a customer shops online they are usually searching […]

CartLOVE is Officially Open for Beta Testers!

Ground Breaking ECommerce Technology – BETA TESTERS NEEDED CartLOVE (CL) is an eCommerce conversion tool developed by the conversion rate optimization experts at Conversion Giant, a digital agency in Los Angeles. CL’s purpose is to help eCommerce customers find their desired products easier so they can make purchasing decisions faster, ultimately increasing conversion rates and […]

New Demo Video Showcases CartLove’s Versatile Functionality

To help our users see the full scope of our eCommerce conversion tool, we’ve produced a short video showcasing all the functionality CartLove provides. The video is shown from the perspective of a customer as they navigate through a website using the quick access options such as the fast and predictive product search, related products, […]