CartLOVE’s New Color Theme is Here!

May 8, 2020

While we at CartLOVE continue to develop new functions to our intuitive eCommerce conversion tool, we are also working hard to expand our format and style selections. This will allow eCommerce stores to customize the aesthetic of their CartLOVE tool to better serve the look of their brand. 

We are excited to announce a new lighter theme which will now be available to any eCommerce store using CartLOVE on their website. This theme is just as sleek and eye-catching as our original design, but with a brighter design perfect which will pair well with websites featuring darker backgrounds. 

This is just one more step in the  ongoing development to bring more customization options for the CartLOVE tool. Next we will be launching an alternative option to the “hamburger” menu icon featuring a magnifying glass. This icon will highlight the fast and predictive search function of CartLOVE and express to the user one of the many intuitive functions CartLOVE is capable of. 

CartLOVE is expanding functionality and customization capabilities every day and we are excited to be bringing you even more developments in the very near future.

A look at the upcoming magnifying glass icon.