Displaying Recently Viewed Products: A Path to Conversions

July 16, 2020

Far more powerful than the backspace key, having a display on your site which showcases recently viewed products is a great way to remind customers of what they were just looking at and tempt them to purchase it one more time. 

Recently viewed product lists are proven to increase conversions overall. Even better are lists which display a picture icon of the item to visually jog the customers memory. You don’t want to list too many and make your page look cluttered, but displaying a few of their most recent product page visits can really generate results. 

The CartLove tool displays recently viewed products to users and increases conversions by 10%.


Let’s take this one step further. For example, say your customer leaves your website and plans to purchase the product they were viewing on another day in the future. When they come back, they may have a difficult time finding what they were interested in before and give up the search after a while. 

Consider adding a “welcome back” message pop up which displays the products the user viewed last time they were on your website. With this tool, you can direct the customer exactly back to where they were and potentially avoid a lost sale. 

CartLove welcomes back customers and shows them what they were browsing on your website in their last visit.


Hindsight may be 2020, but with a recently viewed products display, you can jog the memory of your customer and help lead them back on track to clicking “add to cart”.