CartLOVE is Officially Open for Beta Testers!

March 23, 2020

Ground Breaking ECommerce Technology – BETA TESTERS NEEDED

CartLOVE (CL) is an eCommerce conversion tool developed by the conversion rate optimization experts at Conversion Giant, a digital agency in Los Angeles. CL’s purpose is to help eCommerce customers find their desired products easier so they can make purchasing decisions faster, ultimately increasing conversion rates and revenue for online stores.

CL is in the final ALPHA 1 stage of development and looking for testing partners to help bring the tool to reality. Participants would not test anything directly on a live site with customers. CL is looking for site clones to test real-world environments involving uniquely created websites. That’s you!

Proposal: Your hosting administrator will take a clone of your website and put it onto a separate hosting account for testing. The host would perform all necessary functions such as adding CL javascript and adding necessary plugins or extensions. Once the CL tool is live, you will gain free access to use the tool for 90 days free of charge, a value worth $2400.

Here is a dummy website that holds an incomplete version of the tool. Currently, it is being optimized mostly for mobile devices.

Some key features of CartLOVE are:

  • Fast predictive product searching
  • Finding similar products to currently viewed product
  • Offering custom promotion codes for specific products or product categories (optional)
  • Easily access recently viewed products
  • Show custom welcome messages and offers when users visit the website

There are several more exciting features being added in Q3 2020 which we will be excited to share with you soon as they are the best and most beneficial features yet!

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Hope to see you on the ground floor!