The Importance of Displaying Related Products

July 7, 2020

Cross-selling (selling a similar or complementary product to a customer in addition to the product they set out to purchase) is one of the best arrows any ecommerce store can have in its quiver. This is why displaying related products on product pages is so essential. 

When a customer shops online they are usually searching for a specific product rather than just browsing. They have a clear goal in mind, looking for the best quality commodity for the lowest price. There are two types of related products and each has their own merit to driving sales. 

  1. Similar Products

If a customer selects a product on your site for additional information such as reviews, additional images, and more comprehensive information, they have not just shown an interest in this product, they have shown an interest in this type of product. This is why displaying alternatives close to the product they are currently viewing can be beneficial. If they end up not liking the product for whatever reason, they will see alternative options akin to what they were just viewing. You may have lost the sale on this particular item, but you have given another one of your products a chance to make a better impression. 

  1. Complimentary Products

If someone is buying pool cues, it stands to reason they have a pool table. They may also be interested in chalk or a new pool ball rack. If someone is buying a dog leash, it stands to reason they have a dog. They may also be interested in a reflective dog vest or a new collar. This is the concept behind complimentary products. Shopping can be time consuming, even if it is online. Customers usually prefer to get all their necessary shopping done quickly, however they may not have considered doing so when on your website. By displaying these complimentary products, you can remind them they may need this item down the line or even right now. 

With the CartLove tool, we can display related types of products in an animation, drawing the eyes of the customer. We can incorporate either of these types of related products to increase the likelihood of a sale and upsell to your customers.